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3 Signals it is Time to Call the Professionals For Tulsa Garage Door Repair

August 10, 2016

Many homeowners do not realize their garage door is in trouble until it stops operating properly and they are unable to get in or out of the garage. While it may not be an obvious task of home maintenance there are signs to look for so you can call in the professionals for Tulsa garage door before the problem gets worse.

Although there are many signs, these three are common reasons to call:

The Garage Door is Noisier

It is not unusual to hear your garage door open and close, but if you notice an increase in the noise or new sounds it might signal issues. Having a professional inspect the door can take a look at multiple potential causes from springs to the opener.

A Damaged Track

Without the track operating correctly the door will not open and close. An expert can tell you if garage door repair can fix the problem or if the entire system is in need of replacement. One aspect that will be a big factor is if the track itself is damaged or if the issue is with the door itself and that has forced it off the track.

Issues with Opening and Closing

This can include slow response times, shaking or even inconsistent operation. While these may seem obvious, the reasons behind these problems may not be as clear. When you have a trained technician perform the garage door repair, they can safely troubleshoot the issue and provide a plan for repair.

Although it may not seem dangerous, for safety reasons, garage door repair is best left to the experts. Working with a company that specializes in garage doors can also help you in the event a replacement is a better course of action for your home.

In the Tulsa area, Superior Overhead Door has a proven history of helping homeowners with garage door repair and replacement. With more than 40 years in the garage door business our team has the knowledge and experience to get your garage door operating safely again, and when needed help select the right product for a replacement. 

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