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Choosing A Custom Garage Door For Your Home

September 12, 2018
Thinking of replacing the garage door in your home? A custom garage door is a great choice and we are glad you have decide to go that way. You are getting a door that suits your home and helps you cut down on garage door repair costs. In this piece, we shall be focusing on how to pick the right custom garage door. There is a lot that comes to mind when you think about the right garage door. You have to consider the price, material, durability and such like aspects but curb appeal is the biggest concern. Though the look is quite important you can’t focus on it too much that you overlook other qualities that make the right garage door. Here are some things on what to consider:

Get a garage door that matches your home’s look
As mentioned before, the appearance of your home from the outside is a great concern. You will learn about some new designs as you work with your choice of garage door company. As you look through the different designs, make sure you pick one that has some elements similar to the materials used to make your home. You can accentuate wood and glass features in the home by adding them to the garage door.

What materials do you intend to use?
There is a lot that comes into play when choosing the right material for your custom door. First off you have to consider the climate you live in and whether your choice of material can cope with it. Some materials may be out of your price range and you need not break the bank getting a garage door that costs too much. Basically, choose a material that ticks the most boxes when you consider your needs.

Decide on a basic type
There are various types of garage doors so you should pick one that suits you. The low-end garage doors are single layered while premium quality ones have multiple layers. You can choose from single layer, double layer and premium garage doors. The single layer type does not have much insulation though it does not cost much to construct. The double layered door has more insulation and is fitted with a polystyrene board to this effect. The premium types are the best and have a polystyrene or polyurethane core and a more sturdy outer layer from steel, fiberglass, wood or any other material you choose.

Make sure you have all the basic security features
A new garage door is not only good for curb appeal but should also make the home safer. Check the cables because the tension has to be right for the door to work perfectly. Ask also if your door can be made pinch resistant so that nobody hurts themselves on the panels. The bottom brackets should also be tamper-proof to ensure the cables remain tight. These are some of the things you have to check on, ensure your garage door company advises you on the safety of your garage door.

Once you have your garage door in place, don’t forget that it needs regular maintenance and the occasional check from a professional. That is what we are here for. We can help you repair your garage door in Tulsa. Call us for any overhead door repair and we shall have your garage door working in no time. 

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