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What damages a garage door?

March 25, 2019


A garage
 door is a complicated system that can fail to work for a variety of reasons. Garage doors Tulsa are some of the most used parts of any property, hence it’s not a surprise that they suffer natural tear and wear after a period of use.

Below are other factors that bring about damage;

Forces of nature

Natural calamities such as floods, earthquakes, and strong winds may totally dislocate the door from its hinges or cause simple incisions on the door.

A simple human error

Backing your garage door accidentally causes extreme or fairly minor damage to your door. For example, if the impact is hard, springs may be negatively affected, causing bigger problems to the entire system.

Limited or no maintenance

Ensure you inspect your garage door frequently, and lubricate any metal moving part. In addition, check the tracks for clogging.

Springs break. 

All springs break as a consequence of use. However, if your door is fitted with standard springs, you should upgrade to highlife springs-they are bigger and longer lasting.

Wire rope

Wire cables are used when lifting the garage door and when lowering it to the ground. With age, the wires can break and start to fray and brittle, which can cause them to snap. Always inspect the cables regularly and if you detect damage, it is best to have them replaced by Overhead garage door repair professionals Tulsa.

Rollers wear out 

Rollers help garage doors to run smoothly up and down the track. Some come with awful rollers; hence it is advisable that you improve to a premium roller. You may not be able to discover worn-out rollers as easily as trained overhead door repair professionals. It is therefore advisable that you contact a professional to check the rollers. A door that runs smoothly lasts long and is safe.



Garage door openers wear out.

It is surprising how long they last despite the fact that they do lots of work. When they are new, they need very little maintenance but over years, they wear out.


 Hardly do hinges break but when they get noisy, you should lubricate them to avoid a tear.

The track is aligned all wrong

For a garage door to be able to move up and down, it requires a tract. However, over time, due to how heavy the garage door is, the tracks become damaged. The damage worsens until the tracks are realigned.

Hardware wears out. 

Sheaves and bearings are the most common hardware items that break because they are moving parts. Ensure you keep them lubricated and they will perform for years.

These are some of the things that cause damage to the door. To avoid a breakdown or a costly repair in the future, the best thing to do is to keep it in top condition. Proper maintenance carried out by experienced professionals helps in maximizing the lifespan of your system.


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