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How to fix your noisy garage door

April 06, 2018


A noisy garage door can be the result of a number of reasons. The system your garage door uses to open is made up of cables, pulleys and springs any of which can develop problems. Loose hardware, worn out rollers, anti-vibration pad replacement and lubrication are some of the problems you have to deal with when it comes to the garage door. We are the dependable professionals for garage doors Tulsa, and residents should turn to us  for any heavy maintenance work, repair or replacement. In this case though, you will learn a few tips that can help you stop the noises from your garage door;

Make sure every part of the opening system is in good condition and lubricated

Garage door maintenance is one of the things that we often forget about until the garage door alerts us to a problem of some kind. In this case, you will need a socket wrench to tighten nuts on the track system. Use the socket wrench to tighten the opener chain too. Proceed to lubricate the opener track an all pivot points, hinges, springs and torsion bar bearings.

A garage door lubricant is the best option to use rather than grease or oil which will attract dust. Confirm that the rollers are in good condition because they are often the first cause for the noisy shrill. If wornout rollers are the problem, then you will have to replace them. Lubricate the roller bearings when you replace the rollers.

The opener on your garage door and balance

What type of opener is installed on your garage door? Is it a chain, screw or belt drive? Once you know what kind of garage door opener you have, you can then proceed to check the balance of your door. Raise the door half way by pulling the cord used to open the door manually. Release the cord once the door is half way open.  An unbalanced door falls right down when you release the cord but a stable garage door remains open.

It is also important to be able to diagnose your garage door’s problem just by listening to the noise it makes. Loud ticking for example is indicative of worn-out rollers or bearings. Grunting noise indicates that the springs on your garage door are bent thus knocking against each other.

Get a professional when you need to

There are times when the garage door just needs a quick DIY fix and other times when you just need to get a professional. We can take care of all garage spring replacement Tulsa and promise to do a good job. Our professionals have been offering exemplary garage repair and replacement services in Tulsa for a long time now.

We are a company that takes pride in offering great service, and we do things promptly. Clients from Tulsa and its environs are welcome to try our services. We can help you turn your garage into the ideal space for you; just reach out and let us know.

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