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Why buying a cheap garage door is not a good idea

February 20, 2018


How often do we buy the cheapest replacements when shopping? We are always trying to save every penny we can even if it means compromising a bit with quality. However, it is not such a prudent way of shopping when it comes to long-term investments. Buying the cheapest goods you find will cost you in the long-term. That’s just the case when it comes to replacing your garage door.

A cheap garage door come with its own problems that may show up as soon as you install the door or take a little longer. Either way, you are better off going for a quality door even if it means forking out a bit more. Here is why you shouldn’t pick a cheap garage door;

Faulty parts will only cause injury

A cheap garage door is not built to provide maximum functionality owing to the material used. This can be the cause of serious injury when it comes to garage doors. Such doors have parts that operate under a lot of pressure and can break down at any moment, hurting you or your family. Breakdowns are also likely to occur more often. In such a scenario, your garage door is always a moment away from damaging. A good garage door will give you peace of mind as it is safe and works in a stress-free manner.

It limits the versatility of your garage

Nowadays, the garage serves more than just a shelter your car. Homeowners are constantly finding new ways of utilizing the space in their garages with some even renting it out.

A cheap garage door exposes you to its inherent dangers, which limits how much time you can spend in the garage. A light garage door also makes it harder to stay in the garage for too long since there isn’t enough insulation. This shuts you out of your garage all through the colder months of the year, which is not acceptable. Invest in a quality door with proper insulation to make your garage habitable.

Maintenance costs tend to pile up

True to the old saying, cheap does become expensive when you add up the maintenance costs for a cheap garage door. You might do a lot to avoid repairs but the substandard material will prove difficult to maintain. Garage spring replacement, opener repairs and such can quickly rack up the costs.

You will recoup your money with a good garage door

If like in  most homes, your garage faces the street,  the first thing anyone sees when they come to your home is your garage door. A low quality garage door doesn’t do much for your home’s resale value. If anything, it raises doubts about the rest of the house, especially the condition of the appliances inside. On the other hand, a garage door of superior quality can recoup a good amount upon resale.

Do you need garage door repairs?

Look no further if you need anything done on your garage door. We offer garage spring replacement and garage door replacement among a host of other services. Our professionals provide any type of garage door repair Tulsa residents need.

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